Bridging the Gap for Independent Commerical Producers with one-of-a-kind Coverage

Introducing WrapGapSM by ProSight Specialty Insurance

Safeguarding commercial production companies from potential losses not covered by Wrap-Up policies

  • revolutionary solution to a complex insurance problem that has plagued the industry for years
  • Available exclusively to ProSight DICE customers
  • Developed with AICP members in mind

Today’s commercial producers often do not have access to their client’s actual Wrap-Up insurance policy, creating uncertainty about limits, exclusions and overall adequate coverage and proper indemnification of the production company in the event of a loss.  As AICP’s official insurance partner, ProSight heard this resounding message loud and clear and responded with its latest innovation:  WrapGapSM

When added to the commercial producer’s annual DICE policy, ProSight’s WrapGapSM coverage typically addresses these common problems by:

  • Reducing gaps in coverage
  • Requiring no deductibles when a Wrap-Up policy provides primary coverage
  • Providing affordable pricing to reflect contingent exposure
  • Resulting in peace of mind and added protection

Contact ProSight or your broker to learn more about adding WrapGapSM to your policy.