Ad Counsel

A product of ProSight and AICP’s partnership formed in 2013, Ad Counsel delivers on the organizations’ common mission to educate commercial producers on how to protect their businesses in circumstances that are becoming trickier each year when it comes to insurance and risk management.

Today, AICP’s membership, which encompasses companies that produce 85 percent of all domestic commercials aired nationally, conducts business in an increasingly complex environment fraught with legal and operational risk. Directors calling for riskier stunts, sophisticated digital technologies and special effects capabilities are creating more potential avenues for intellectual property violations and the sheer value of the assets involved in a shoot has skyrocketed over the past decade. Under pressure to execute projects in shorter timeframes with fewer resources, producers are hard-pressed to find the time to keep up with the particulars of insuring productions even though the chances of mishap are greater than ever. 

With the release of Ad Counsel, ProSight and AICP have taken a significant step towards filling the industry’s dire need for a resource that can fill this knowledge gap.   Ad Counsel provides the industry its first comprehensive yet easy-to-understand insurance and risk management guide tailored specifically for independent commercial producers. 

Learn how to protect your business in today’s fast-paced and evolving world of commercial production.