Bridging the Gap of Insurance Wisdom for Today’s Commercial Producer

As the official insurance partner of AICP, ProSight Specialty Insurance is proud to support an organization that plays such a vital role in setting industry standards, determining safety regulations and providing educational materials for independent commercial producers across the country. 

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Just like AICP professionally represents the interests of your industry, ProSight has you covered for all your independent commercial production insurance needs. And together, AICP and ProSight are committed to making sure you stay informed and knowledgeable about managing your risk, protecting your assets, and minimizing your losses.


The Challenge

Today’s commercial producers often do not have access to their client’s actual Wrap-Up insurance policy, creating uncertainty about limits, exclusions and overall adequate coverage and proper indemnification of the production company in the event of a loss.  As AICP’s official insurance partner, ProSight heard this resounding message loud and clear and responded with its latest innovation:  WrapGapSM
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The Genesis of WrapGap

The genesis of WrapGapSM is tied to the collaborative efforts of ProSight and AICP as the two organizations worked to develop ProSight’s Ad Counsel: Bridging the Gap of Insurance Wisdom for Today’s Commercial Producer, the first-ever comprehensive insurance and risk management guidebook tailored to the specific needs of commercial producers.

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How WrapGap Works

WrapGap℠ is a one-of-a-kind production policy endorsement designed to safeguard independent commercial producers from potential losses not covered by a client’s Wrap-Up policy and transferred to the production company.

When added to the commercial producer’s annual DICE policy, ProSight’s WrapGap℠ reduces potential gaps in primary coverage provided by a client’s Wrap-Up policy. WrapGap℠ provides an added layer of coverage for the commercial producer and eliminates deductibles when a Wrap-Up policy provides primary coverage, ultimately saving money in the long run.

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The ProSight Difference

Keeping You Informed

It’s important to ProSight that our customers stay informed and knowledgeable about protecting their production companies from potential liabilities, damages and losses. 

Driving Innovation

WrapGapSM is just one in a long line of innovations from ProSight. As experts in the entertainment insurance space, we’re out scouring the landscape to find ways to provide solutions that focus on unaddressed customer needs.  

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“For years, our industry has tried its best to navigate complex insurance problems that arise when dealing with clients’ Wrap-Up policies. Through our joint work on publishing Ad Counsel, and with ProSight’s out-of-the-box thinking, I’m impressed by how in-tuned they are with their customers’ issues, leading to the creation of a game-changing product like WrapGapSM."

Matt Miller, President & CEO, AICP

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The ProSight Difference


One of the key advantages of working with ProSight Specialty Insurance is access to our industry-leading group of experts who understand the issues that independent commercial production companies face. Our team is made up of specialists with a total combined experience of over 300 years who know the specific problems that entertainment businesses deal with every day, which enables ProSight to provide high value and unparalleled customer service.


ProSight’s media team is a dedicated business unit without the bureaucracy of a large company. This means that we can respond to problems quickly because we don't have a lot of red tape and our experts are empowered to make decisions at the front line. Situations evolve quickly on set and as such, production companies need an insurance provider that can respond swiftly to customer needs in a fast paced environment. ProSight has the right people and the right personnel to respond quickly and decisively.

Exclusive Distribution

ProSight Specialty Insurance develops world-class products for media companies, but an insurance company is only as good as its network of distributors. One of the major differentiators that ProSight brings to the table is that we only work with distributors who are true experts in the media insurance field. Just as we only hire the best and most experienced film underwriters, we also take the same care when we seek out agents to bring our media insurance products to market.

About AICP

Founded in 1972, AICP represents, exclusively, the interests of United States companies that specialize in producing commercials in various media—film, video, digital—for advertisers and agencies. The association, with national offices in New York and Los Angeles as well as regional chapters across the country, serves as a strong collective voice for this $5 billion-plus industry by: disseminating information; representing the production industry within the advertising community in business circles, in labor negotiations and before governmental officials; developing industry standards and tools; providing professional development; and marketing American production.